How do I run an ionic app in android studio emulator?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am new to ionic and I want to run my app on android studio emulator. I did refer the link But I do not seem to understand how to run my ionic app on emulator

How to solve:

First ensure that your Android Studio setup is correctly done. If want to do that from scratch refer these links – link1 and link2. In link2, you can choose your OS as well.

This ionic guide will help you setup ionic project correctly. If you follow this guide entirely, you will see the use of emulate, platform, run, serve, etc commands of ionic.

Basically what you need to do is first add an android platform to your project:

ionic cordova platform add android

And then emulate your project using:

ionic cordova emulate android


  1. First open Android studio and start an emulator wait when its still done (first time needs more time)

    1. test if the emulator is available with `android list devices“

    2. ionic cordova emulate android will publish it on your emulator


In the latest Android Studio you need to make at least one project and open the project, and then create AVD (android virtual device) in Tools – Android – AVD Manager, and then in your ionic project

ionic cordova emulate [platform]


I was able to run the ionic app in emulator by first launching it from the Android Studio on Windows. Trying to run just by the command timed out.
-Start emulator from Studio (Tools | AVD Manager)
-On command line, run “ionic cordova emulate android”


You can install capacitor which created by the ionic team and i recommend it over cordova

Inside your project do this

ionic integrations enable capacitor


npx cap init [appName] [appId]

after that add android or ios folder to your project by this command

npx cap add ios
npx cap add android

then finaly you can run your app by

npx cap open ios
npx cap open android

or this command

ionic capacitor run android 


You can use this for example :

ionic cordova emulate android -lcs


step 1 – Create Virtual Device

  • AVDs are managed with the AVD Manager. In the Android Studio welcome
    screen, click Configure » AVD Manager. The AVD Manager can also be
    opened inside Android projects in the Tools » AVD Manager menu.

step 2 – set environment From the desktop, right click the Computer icon.->Properties -> Advanced system settings->Environment Variables->User variable ->Path->edit->New and add your emulator path like given below

eg. C:\Users\kunal\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\emulator


ionic cordova platform add android

ionic cordova emulate android


ionic cordova run android 

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