How do you compile an Android project into an .apk file in Eclipse without launching the emulator?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m just wondering because I have my own seperate method of getting it on my phone via my web server and the emulator is getting annoying popping up every time.

How to solve:

I had a problem that it would not build an APK for me (without Running) after I installed the latest SDK and latest Eclipse (Indigo 371).

Try this:

Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Android -> Build and uncheck “Skip packaging and dexing until export or launch” then restart Eclipse.

Now when you do Build Project you should get an APK


Do you use Eclipse with Android ADT plugin? If so, you can use Android Tools/Export Signed Application Package to build the app as apk file


Not sure if I understand your question right, but you can create an .apk file without running by right clicking your project, and then selecting Export.
The Android Application option should be available to you.


right click ur project -> select android tools -> and then select export unsigned application and save to a location. Done, ur apk is available


On the commandline, if sdk/tools is in your $PATH: run android update project -p . at least once, followed by ant release

From Eclipse: if Project > Build Automatically is off, Project > Build Project.

The apk is built in the bin/ directory.


by default, eclipse compiles your code into .apk on the fly.
.apk is generated in bin directory if i rememered right.
This can be cancelled by Project->Build Automatically. then you can build it under the same menu.


I had a similar problem but it didn’t rebuild the apk file automatically or manually without running the emulator..

You have to make sure that there are no errors (warnings are okay) on any of your projects in the workspace!! after that, check the Build Automatically option in Project tab in Eclipse! from now on, Eclipse will automatically compile your project to apk all the tim


I have just started practicing with eclipse and I tried copying and installing the apk file from the ‘bin’ directory, onto my nexus 4. It worked perfectly.

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