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I downloaded some icons from but they only offer the icons in black. I saw a youtube video where they use to allow you to choose the color. Anyway, I am trying to change the colors of the icons to white. I am not having any luck. I tried to change the fill color in android studio but it doesn’t work. Any assistance would be appreciated such as exact code and files to add the code to. Thanks.

How to solve:

You can directly download these images in Android Studio.

res > right click > New > Image Asset and select

  • Icon Type : Action Bar and Tab Icones
  • Asset Type : Clip Art
  • Theme : CUSTOM

And you can select any clip art that you want, select the color, padding, etc …

enter image description here


simply you can use



As mentioned before, the icons can be downloaded directly with Android Studio. This solution shows the importing of vector asset icons which are easier to manage since they are stored in a single location (res/drawable) vs. image assets that will have each icon stored in specific density folders (hdpi, xhdpi, etc).

  1. expand the “res” folder
  2. right click drawable
  3. hover over “new”
  4. select “Vector Asset”

Creating Vector Icon

  1. click the image next to “icon”
  2. select desired icon
  3. Name the icon what you would like
  4. select “next”

Now you will have two options of setting the icon color

  1. In the layout by using the android:tint attribute of an ImageView. This is my preference because the icon can be viewed prior to runtime.

Layout Icon Color Change Example


  1. In Java.

imageView.setColorFilter(ContextCompat.getColor(context, android.R.color.white),

### actually does let you download icons in white.

enter image description here

But, depending on what exactly you want to do, there are a few options. If you simply want white icons (and not to change them at runtime), you may find this plugin for Android Studio useful:

It allows you to generate the material design icons right in Android Studio, in whatever color you want. Another alternative for downloading these icons in different colors is

If you do want to color the icons at runtime, try something like this:

imageView.setColorFilter(ContextCompat.getColor(context, android.R.color.white), 


You can download white icons from also look at themes and theme overlays

Material white

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