how to create custom UI for android MediaController-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to customize the controls in the MediaController for my video player.
I want to swap out the image for the play button, change the skin, change the color, ect.

Is there a known way of doing this?


How to solve:

I had the same problem on a recent project and ended up creating a custom implementation based on the stock MediaController. It adds a fullscreen button at the far right, but even if that’s not what you want this class should be a good starting point.


Image resources:

  • enter image description here


  • The class assumes the anchor view is a FrameLayout to position itself at the bottom.
  • The class does not use a Window to ensure control floats on top of the anchor. However, this hasn’t been a problem for me as the show() method does mAnchor.addView() every time.
  • The class uses its own MediaPlayerControl protocol. This allows customizations such as toggleFullScreen()

EDIT (2013): See this tutorial for more details:

EDIT (2018): You can now use the wonderful ExoPlayer and fully customize your player UI simply by overriding a layout file.


I tested it and it works great on 4.4 kitkat, but like KAPLANDROID said blackscreen appeared on android 2.3.6 but the music and videocontroller works fine,

Have found a solution, just put this code

videoHolder.setType( SurfaceHolder.SURFACE_TYPE_PUSH_BUFFERS );

after this

videoHolder.addCallback( this );

and you are ready to go

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