How to declare the layout for 7'inch tablet Android?-ThrowExceptions

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I am developing application on both 10’inch&7’inch tablets, here is my problem for 10’inch tablet i have declared layout as(layout-xlarge-land & layout-xlarge-port),while coming to 7’inch i have declared layout as(layout-sw600dp-land&layout-sw600dp-port)?

while coming to 7’inch tablet it’s not working for me,The Tablet which i am using is (iRobot).

How to solve:

In the rare case where you want to further customize your UI, For example for 7” vs. 10” tablets, you can also define smallest widths:

res/layout/main_activity.xml           # For phones
res/layout-sw600dp/main_activity.xml   # For 7” tablets
res/layout-sw720dp/main_activity.xml   # For 10” tablets

and just check out this for 7” vs. 10” tablets:–

New Tools For Managing Screen Sizes.


you can also specify your layout folder like this

  1. layout-1280×800
  2. layout-port-1280×800

As per new approach discussed here, New Tools For Managing Screen Sizes
we can specify like this

  1. layout For phones
  2. layout-sw600dp # For 7” tablets
  3. layout-sw720dp # For 10” tablets


but if you are building for amazon devices

  • kindle fire 7″ uses layout-large-mdpi
  • kindle fire 7″ HD uses layout-large-hdpi

along with other android devices 7″ which use layout-sw600dp


Android: Tools For Managing Screen Sizes

Kindle Fire: Screen Layout and Resolution

  • phones :


  • 7” tablets :


  • 10” tablets :


  • kindle fire 7″ :


  • kindle fire 7″ HD :



It’s because your using a “cheap” (inexpensive) 7-inch tablet 480×800, so it will use sw360 up to 430dp.

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