How to get programmatically the data usage limit set by user on Android OS configuration?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

User can define at Data Usage screen a limite and/or a warning limit for mobile data usage. So how can I get this information by code?

Screen of Data Usage configuration of native OS.

Data usage OS system configuration screen

I wanna the limit value and warning value.

I’ve already tried this but not work and always return NULL to both:

final Long recommendedBytes = DownloadManager.getRecommendedMaxBytesOverMobile( this.context );
final Long maximumBytes = DownloadManager.getMaxBytesOverMobile( this.context );

// recommendedBytes and maximumBytes are NULL

And TrafficStats class just have a data transferred not the limits.

How to solve:

After days searching and research about this problem I couldn’t find a answer for that. Bellow I will lift every attempt that I did.

1. Download Manager

With this class you can start download over any network or device
state and it will handle all states e.g. network loss, device reboot,

There are two methods called getMaxBytesOverMobile and
getRecommendedMaxBytesOverMobile, they was a pretty candidate
to solve this problem at first time. But after code tests and
Download Manager implementantion research I’d found that there is
no way to get thoose values by DownloadManager.


Thoose methods call Settings.Secure.getLong with they
respective labels
the turn makes a call to a lazy String map inside inside a
inner class called NameValueCache.

Ok so far but none of inner classes or Settings implementation it

I considered the lazy map was populate by a third entity, what
actually happens, so I found the NameValueTable Settings
inner class that handle the new values to lazy map. The
putString is a protected method call by Settings.Secure
and Settings.System inner classes (calls of Secure and

So I could conclude that if the OS implementantion do not put thoose String values I can’t get them.

2. TrafficStats

Just a quick look on official reference I could notice that it will
not help me because this class just provide the amount of bytes and
packages that was trafficked since last device boot.

3. NetworkPolicyManager and NetworkPolicy

As @bina posted here the both classes are hidden and could not
be use by normal apps e.g. that will be published in Google Play.

4. ConnectivityManager

In short, you just can get the NetworkInfo that not provide
much information about user preferences (really none!). Just provide
informations about network and e.g. mobile network provider.

After all I assume that no way to get this information nowadays. Please if you read it and found a way post here!

Thanks for all.

PS.: Sorry by english mistakes.


Do you want to get limit value(5GB) and warnning value(2GB) in this example?

If so, you can get limitBytes and warningBytes by the following code, if you can use android.permission.MANAGE_NETWORK_POLICY and android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE.
However, android.permission.MANAGE_NETWORK_POLICY protectionLevel is signature.

NetworkPolicyManager manager = (NetworkPolicyManager) getSystemService("netpolicy");
NetworkPolicy[] networkPolicies = manager.getNetworkPolicies();
Log.d("NetworkPolicy", "limitBytes is " + networkPolicies[0].limitBytes);
Log.d("NetworkPolicy", "warningBytes is " + networkPolicies[0].warningBytes);

(NetworkPolicyManager and NetworkPolicy classes are hidden)

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