How to get the body of the WebResourceRequest in android webView-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I need to modify the request header of the android webView request.So, I add following code in the method shouldInterceptRequest.
Here is my code.

        public WebResourceResponse shouldInterceptRequest(WebView view, WebResourceRequest request) {
            try {
                    String mUrl = request.getUrl().toString();
                    OkHttpClient httpClient = new OkHttpClient();
                    Request mRequest = new Request.Builder()
                            .addHeader("token", UserHelper.getToken()) //add headers
                    Response response = httpClient.newCall(mRequest).execute();

                    return new WebResourceResponse(
                            getMimeType(request.getUrl().toString()), // set content-type
                            response.header("content-encoding", "utf-8"),
            } catch (Exception e) {
                return super.shouldInterceptRequest(view, request);
            return super.shouldInterceptRequest(view, request);

Actually,it works,all the request carry the new header. However, cuz I construct the new request, the original request method/body was lost. I don’t know how to keep the original method and body from the WebResourceRequest.

How to solve:

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