How to restart ADB manually from Android Studio-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I previously developped Android apps on Android Studio . Everything works fine.

I work on real device, and Android Studio recognize it without issue.

Suddenly when I exit android studio and disconnect and reconnect my device, it doesn’t recognize my device anymore, I have to exit and restart Android Studio.

I can’t find a way to “Reset adb” like Android Studio.

I follow the below instruction(Tools->Android->Enable ADB Integration) and enabled ADB,but still below error occurred.


enter image description here

I using windows system.

Any help great appreciation.

How to solve:

Open Command promt and got android sdk>platform-tools> adb kill-server

press enter

and again
adb start-server

press enter


  1. Open a Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE, or right click at the bottom of the start menu and select Start Task Manager. see how to launch the task manager here

  2. Click on Processes or depending on OS, Details. Judging by your screenshot it’s Processes.

  3. Look for adb.exe from that list, click on END PROCESS

  4. Click on the restart button in that window above. That should do it.

Basically by suddenly removing your device ADB got confused and won’t respond while waiting for a device, and Android Studio doesn’t want multiple instances of an ADB server running, so you’ll have to kill the previous server manually and restart the whole process.


open cmd and type the following command

netstat -aon|findstr 5037

and press enter.

you will get a reply like this :

  TCP              LISTENING       3372
  TCP        TIME_WAIT       0
  TCP        TIME_WAIT       0
  TCP         TIME_WAIT       0

this shows the pid which is occupying the adb. in this 3372 is the value. it will not be same for anyone. so you need to do this every time you face this problem.

now type this :

taskkill /pid 3372(the pid you get in the previous step) /f

Voila! now adb runs perfectly.


open command prompt -> cd to your sdk\platform-tools
type below command:

adb kill-server && adb start-server


I do not find a perfect way in Android Studio, get the process id and kill it from terminal:

ps -e | grep adb
kill -9 pid_adb


Open task manager and kill adb.exe, now adb will start normally


I faced same issue just fallowed some min steps in Android studio:

Manually fallowing steps in android studio

  1. Goto Command promt and in Command promt fallow a android SDK file path “android sdk>platform-tools>” adb kill-server press enter
  2. adb start-server press enter


  1. Open Command promt and got android sdk file path
    adb kill-server && adb start-server


When I had this problem, I wrote adb kill-server and adb restart-server in terminal, but the problem appeared again the next day. Then I updated GPU debugging tools in the Android SDK manager and restarted the computer, which worked for me.


After reinstalling Android Studio, Is working without adb kill-server



Go to: Tools -> Android -> Android Device Monitor

see the Device tab, under many icons, last one is drop-down arrow.

Open it.

At the bottom: RESET ADB.

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