How to see XML files code in Android Studio 3.6.1-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have updated my android studio to 3.6.1 . Everything looks so good but i could not found the xml files code to view. They have removed the left side corner options to view design / code of xml file. Now how can i see it?

How to solve:

They move the buttons in top right corner under the files opened. Now you have 3 options instead of 2!

They move the buttons in top right corner under the files opened


Finally i found it. They have moved this options to right of top corner with two icons for code and design views
See the below image for more details

Click this button to view xml.


enter image description here

You have three selections on top right of screen.


The Simple way with keyboard shortcut

Alt + Shift + Arrow keys L-R


Android Studio 3.6.1

Trick to default open split design/ code for xml file

File -> Settings -> Editor -> Layout Editor -> check the checkbox "Prefer XML Editor"

On Windows ctrl + Shift + A -> prefer XML...



Design editors, such as the Layout Editor and Navigation Editor, now provide a Split view that enables you to see both the Design and Code views of your UI at the same time. To enable split view, click the Split icon in the top-right corner of the editor window.

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