How to show compilation errors in android studio-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to know how to show compilation errors in Android Studio. I tried the following one:

Android Studio: Where is the Compiler Error Output Window?

But it is showing another error:

javac: invalid target release: 1.8

Anybody who knows the actual solution please reply.

How to solve:

There is a ‘Problems’ view in the project window:

Project window - click on drop down and select 'Problems'

Just click on the drop down (Android setting is default) and select ‘Problems’. Not comparable to eclipse problems view tough…


Using F2

In addition to what the other answers say, you can find errors by pressing F2 or Shift+F2. This is useful when you can’t see the where the red indicator is on the side bar.

enter image description here


There’s “Messages” tab in Android Studio. Complilation errors and warning go there. You can select it by pressing alt+0 (⌘+0 in OS X – a shortcut to View|Tool Windows|Messages).


I was looking for the “Problems” view that you can see in Eclipse when building projects. For that, you can go to Analyze -> Inspect Code

Where is the warnings view in Android Studio?

and then I clicked on “Group by Severity” so that I could see the warnings and errors.


In the toolbar, go to Analyze -> Inspect Code

After That, you will have the Inspection Results window with the detailed errors and warnings. see image:

The Inspection Results window

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