How to troubleshoot/test Admob mediation with Facebook Audience Network in Xamarin Android?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:
  1. We have followed all steps mention Integrating Facebook Audience Network with Mediation
  2. Added Xamarin.Facebook.AudienceNetwork.Android nuget package Version 5.6.0 to Xamarin Android
  3. Downloaded .aar package from here
  4. Created binding using guidance from here & added to Xamarin Android project
  5. App is building successfully but no test ad from FAN
  6. On Facebook MonĂ©tisation Manager – App Status is in review, Integrate the audience network SDK into your app is ticked (Done)
  7. I tried to find monetisation test suite package in Xamarin but without any success.
How to solve:

You can download mediation test suite arr file here
and create binding.

Facebook Audience Network is available on nuget, You do not need to create binding.

I have the same problem as you, if I manage to start, I will speak to you


I used mediation-test-suite version 1.0.0 because I had problems with the higher version. In addition, I had to install libraries such as:

  • FlexboxLayoutXamarinBindingAndroid
  • GoogleGson
  • Constraint.Layout
  • Xamarin.Bindings.Volley

After doing this, the Mediation Test Suite works properly.

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