html – Link to a file inside a PDF document contained in a folder after the folder has been downloaded-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I got a feature to download a ZIP file containing a PDF file.

This PDF file includes a list of files related to it. I want to be able to make a link that opens this related file. The PDF file is generated by a HTML template. When i make an tag with a href the tag links to localhost:/href instead of relative to where the downloaded pdf file is.
An example could be the following.

ZIP File is located at C: called ZipFile

Inside he Zip File is a PDF named PDFFile

Inside the Zip file is also a folder called Attachments.

Inside the Attachments folder is a file called ImportantFile.txt

What i want is a link in the PDFFile referncing the ImportantFile.txt
I assumed an <a href="Attachments/ImportantFile.txt"> would do the trick but instead that links to localhost:Attachments/ImportantFile.txt.

I can’t possibly make it a absolute path since i have no idea where the user saves the zip file to their pc, and especially not before it is created.

How to solve:

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