Identifying datatype of a column in an SQLite Android Cursor-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is there any way to identify the datatype of a column in a cursor in Android. The cursor object has a number of methods to get the columnname, column value.

I want to find out the SQLite datatype of the column (TEXT, INTEGER) etc…

I’m writing a generic function to parse a cursor and perform operations. I will only get a sql string as an argument to the function.

How to solve:

Per the SQLite documentation ( columns in SQLite don’t have a datatype — the values in those columns do.

Any column in an SQLite version 3 database, except an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column, may be used to store a value of any storage class.

If you’re using API level 11 or above then the cursor supports getType() (see

If you’re using an earlier API level, and you know that all the results in a given cursor come from the same table then you could do something like (untested):

// Assumes "cursor" is a variable that contains the cursor you're
// interested in.

String tableName = "..."; // The name of the table
SQLiteDatabase db = cursor.getDatabase();
String[] names = cursor.getColumnNames();

for (name : names) {
    Cursor typeCursor = 
        db.rawQuery("select typeof (" + name + ") from " + tableName;
    Log.v("test", "Type of " + name + " is " + typeCursor.getString(0);

But that will (I expect) fail if the passed in cursor was (for instance) the result of a db.rawQuery() call that joined two or more tables.


The answer or NiK, is fine. But if your db is empty, his code crashes.
I suggest use:

String Query = "PRAGMA table_info(my_table_name)"; 
Cursor my_cursor  = db.rawQuery(Query, null); 
Column_name = my_cursor.getString(my_cursor.getColumnIndex("name"));
Column_type = my_cursor.getString(my_cursor.getColumnIndex("type"));


I didn’t tested yet but, try to use cursor.getType(i)

Like this:

public static List resultSetToArrayListAndroid(Cursor cursor) throws SQLException {
    int columns = cursor.getColumnCount();
    ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
    while (cursor.moveToNext()) {
        HashMap row = new HashMap(columns);
        for (int i = 1; i <= columns; ++i) {
            switch (cursor.getType(i))  {
                case Cursor.FIELD_TYPE_FLOAT:
                    row.put(cursor.getColumnName(i), cursor.getFloat(i));
                case Cursor.FIELD_TYPE_INTEGER:
                    row.put(cursor.getColumnName(i), cursor.getInt(i));
                case Cursor.FIELD_TYPE_STRING:
                    row.put(cursor.getColumnName(i), cursor.getString(i));
    return list;


You should use meta data from sqlite Database :

You get this item by using getMetaData() on a ResultSet().

So, it’s not the usual way of using a sqlite database in android that you shall use, but the usual JDBC way :

  1. get a connection (through driver manager getConnection)
  2. get a statement (through connection.createStatement)
  3. get a resultset (through statement.executeQuery)
  4. get the meta data (through resultset.getMetaData)


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