intellij idea – Detach debugger in Android Studio-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

In Android Studio, how do you detach the debugger once it’s connected and debugging a running app?

In Eclipse, the icon looked like this .

I’ve been disconnecting the USB cable but that seems like a brute method.

How to solve:

The answer is the Close button. As of Android Studio v3.4 it’s a red square block icon (previously was a red X).

It turns out I couldn’t see it because it was hidden under the more >> icon.


I’m writing this assuming that Android Studio uses the same convention as IntelliJ IDEA.

Click “close” (the button with the red ✕ in the debug panel):

enter image description here

You will be prompted. Choose whether to disconnect and/or terminate:

enter image description here


In case the X (Close) button is not shown because it is collapsed in the toolbar:

1. Resize the Debugger window to see the X button


2. Press CTRL + F4 (CMD + F4 on MAC).


3. Right click on the Debugger Tab and select Close.

Then press Disconnect in the Dialog.


On android studio 3.3.1 I also can’t find an easy way to disconnect the emulator. I’ve resorted to the terminal command adb kill-server (use adb start-server to start it again)

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