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I want to add GridLayout into my android project which is use support library GridLayout v7. I found this thread but maybe a few steps of adding this library did not mention in this paragraph Set up support GridLayout library in IntelliJ.

can anyone explain obviously?

I have the same problem at this thread

How to solve:

It’s late for an answer but here it is, at least for future people looking for a solution on how to add the support library and resources for GridLayout (or ActionBarActivity / AppCompat, see below).

The easiest way is as follows.

  1. Make sure you have installed the Android Support Library, from the Android SDK Manager.
    enter image description here

  2. In IDEA: Open your project, then select File / Import Module

    • select the directory under the SDK: {SDK}\extras\android\support\v7\gridlayout
      enter image description here
    • select Import module from external model and Eclipse
    • you can then select Create module files near .classpath files, or choose to put them elsewhere if you can’t / don’t want to write into your SDK path
    • in the next screen you should see Select Eclipse projects to import and android-support-v7-gridlayout, IDEA will also ask you to reload the project.
    • this should add a module gridlayout [android-support-v7-gridlayout] in your project.
  3. Now you have to update your project dependencies to this module for the resources, and add the .jar libraries. Select File / Project Structure

    • select the Modules project settings, and select your project (in the picture below, testv7)
    • select the Dependencies on the right panel
    • add with the + button (on the right panel) a Module dependency... to the android-support-v7-gridlayout
      enter image description here
    • similarly, add a Jars or directories... pointing to the {SDK}\extras\android\support\v7\gridlayout\libs directory (or to the .jar within). If you intend to use the v4 as well, choose {SDK}\extras\android\support\v7\appcompat\libs instead since it contains both v4 and v7 jars
    • your settings should look like this:
      enter image description here

And now you should be fine.

For me it was the only way out of the similar problem with the ActionBarActivity, which is solved using the same technique on the {SDK}\extras\android\support\v7\appcompat module. And I did try a few other ways 😉


Today I struggled with this and on android dev site I found simpler solution and why they’re problems with it. GridLayout from v7 libraries aren’t connected with v7 appcompat library so you must add v7 gridlayout library dependency manually.

If you use gradle then in build.gradle just add

dependencies {
    compile ''

and everything should works fine 🙂


If you are using Android Studio, just go to Gradle Script -> build.gradle(Module:app) -> dependencies and type those dependencies there for better support.

compile ''
compile ''

P/S the “v7:23.0.2” depends on your lastest build tools..

Hope this will help..

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