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Exception or error:

I’ve been reviewing the Supporting Multiple Screens documentation on the Android and I just need some additional clarification…

It’s my understanding that designing three unique interfaces (ldpi, mdpi, and hdpi) would be the best way to go about supporting all the potential android screens with minimal scaling/distortion.

Yes, I know there are similar questions posted, however… If I create an image for the benchmark mdpi (let’s say my image is 300×210, just for example) how to I determine what size I will need to recreate that image at ldpi & hdpi? This post as well as a google search leads me to believe that ldpi is just 75% of the mdpi image, and the hdpi is 150% of the mdpi image. Is this accurate?

How to solve:

-ldpi is ~120dpi, -mdpi is ~160dpi, -hdpi is ~240dpi.

So, a 320px wide image is 2″ in -mdpi. If you want a 2″ image on -ldpi, you want it to be 240px (=75% of original). If you want a 2″ picture on -hdpi, you need 480px (=150% of original).

Hence, your analysis is accurate.

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