iphone – jQuery and mobile browser compatibility?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to build a relatively simple version of my site for mobile phones, but I will definitely need JavaScript and jQuery for many functions.

Googling didn’t help to find an answer. How is compatibility of jQuery with popular browsers in mobile phones?

I am talking for smartphones. For example, the default browsers for these platforms

and let’s add Opera Mobile.

How to solve:

jQuery should work fine on at least the Android and iPhone web browsers (don’t know about WinMo), as they fully support JavaScript and are for the most part standards compliant.

If you expand a little bit on which specific features of jQuery you’re using, I or others can give a better answer here.


The jQuery Mobile framework uses jQuery and has support for many mobile platforms. All browsers that jQuery Mobile works on should be passing the jQuery test suite.


According to the factsheet, there will be jQuery Mobile in October 2010. So we don’t need to think about mobile compatibility ever again :))


See What’s jQuery’s mobile support & strategy?. iPhone, Android, and similar WebKit browsers should be compatible. I think you will have many problems with Windows Mobile.


Both Android and iPhone are full featured WebKit browsers (bar plugins). I would be highly surprised if it doesn’t work on those.


They now have a browser compatibility matrix like YUI.


Should work just fine in current Opera Mobile – if you target older versions (<9.5 AFAIK) you’d need to watch out for this:

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