Is it possible to compress video on Android?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to do video compression.

Actually in my application I want to have two options, one is low and another is high. If I choose the low option then the application will compress the video and then upload it. If I choose high then it will upload the original video which I have recorded itself.

I want to do this thing in my application and I’m confused. I have searched google a lot but I’m not able to find the useful way to solve this question please if anyone can help me out.

How to solve:

I used ffmpeg4android,

And was able to achieve this in about 10min using only java,
Note that its a commercial library.


Yes in android you can us ffmpeg4android for compress video it’s native library

Please check this link

ffmpeg4android Code

Install the Android NDK First to Use it

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