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How can I get device ID for Admob

I am testing adMob on my android device and following with documentation, I am trying to get device ID executing adRequest. However, I am not able to find device ID in the logCat! What I am doing wrong?

 AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest();

Edit: it is not a duplicate, those methods from other post are not working for me.

How to solve:
 final TelephonyManager tm =(TelephonyManager)getBaseContext().getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);

String deviceid = tm.getDeviceId();


Make a live ad request while running on the device, and view the logs. There should be a log at the info level that says:

I/Ads: To get test ads on this device, call adRequest.addTestDevice("YOUR_HASHED_DEVICE_ID");

Since the SDK hashes your device ID, it is much easier and cleaner to grab this number directly through the logs rather than bothering to try to grab the Android device ID, and doing some manual hashing to try to get this same number.


In android < 4

How to find serial number of Android device?

In the new Android 4.0+ you can find the id number in the Settings –> Developer Options

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