java – Android How can I Convert a String to a Editable-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

We all know we can setText(String) to an editText box but if you want to get an editable variable from a string variable how do you do this?

For Temp I made an invisible editText box to set to then get from which turns the string into editable.

re: for my own reference String again = editablevariable.getText().toString()

How to solve:

As you probably found out, Editable is an interface so you cannot call new Editable().
However an Editable is nothing more than a String with Spannables, so use SpannableStringBuilder:

Editable editable = new SpannableStringBuilder("Pass a string here");

If you only want to change the Spannables, never the text itself, you can use a basic SpannableString.


Use Editable.Factory.getInstance().newEditable(str)
From the android documentation:

Returns a new SpannedStringBuilder from the specified CharSequence. You can override this to provide a different kind of Spanned.

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