java – Android Studio – add ownCloud library from GitHub-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I don’t understand how to add this library ( to my project in Android Studio.

How to solve:

I have tried to import this library as a module but found error while importing:
Error: Module name is not valid

So I tried to find a solution and here it is:

1. Download library from Github here.

enter image description here

2. Unzip library.

3. Start Android Studio.

4. Follow to File -> New -> Import Module .

enter image description here

5. Go to the path where your extracted library is located and select it.

enter image description here

6. Uncheck other modules and add ‘androidlibrarymaster’ described in below picture.

enter image description here

7. Add Gradle dependency and Its Done!

  compile project(':androidlibrarymaster');


Maybe try jitpack website to import this project with build.gradle file.

You have to add this snippet to your build.gradle file :

repositories {
    // ...
    maven { url "" }

And this statement to your dependencies :

compile 'com.github.owncloud:android-library:oc-android-library-0.9.7'

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