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I’ve never done anything in Java before but I’d like to use Lucene for the search on a site.

I’m having trouble find a good step by step tutorial for a complete beginner at this.

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial?


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Along with user428747 answer, you can also read this article.

As well as this one (which is kind of old compared to the first one).

On a side note, if you want to use Lucene, did you consider using Solr?
It uses the lucene search library and extends it as you can read here.


The classics: Lucene in Action


this website might help you a bit..


This is not a direct reply to your question on Lucene tutorials (For that, my answer is same as some of the other posters: Bob Carpenter’s Lucene in 60 seconds tutorial on the Lingpipe blog).

If you don’t want to learn Java just for Lucene, any full-text search database (Postgres/Mysql/etc) should solve your purpose. In particular Sphinx is recommended.

This decision particularly relevant if you need your search app to have high performance / scalability (since you will be learning two things – Java and Lucene). Unless you have an in-house java expert, it is better to fight one war than two at the same time.


maybe apache solr is better for you:


If you’re using Zend, why aren’t you using Zend’s PHP port of lucene? See here for a tutorial on it.

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