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I’m using Glide to load some images asynchronously into some of my ImageViews, and I know it can handle images like PNG or JPG as it can handle SVG.

Thing is, As far as I know, the way I load those two kinds of image differs. Like:

Loading “normal” images


Loading SVG

GenericRequestBuilder<Uri, InputStream, SVG, PictureDrawable> requestBuilder = Glide.with(mContext)
        .using(Glide.buildStreamModelLoader(Uri.class, mContext), InputStream.class)
        .transcode(new SvgDrawableTranscoder(), PictureDrawable.class)
        .sourceEncoder(new StreamEncoder())
        .cacheDecoder(new FileToStreamDecoder<>(new SVGDecoder()))
        .decoder(new SVGDecoder())
        .listener(new SvgSoftwareLayerSetter<Uri>());


And if I try to load SVG with the first method it won’t work. If I try to load PNG or JPG with the second method, it won’t work either.

Is there a generic way to load both image types using Glide?

The server where I’m fetching those images from don’t tell me the image type before I download it. It’s a REST server and the resource will be retrieved in a way like "". The only way to know the image type is reading the HEAD response.

How to solve:

You can use Glide & AndroidSVG together to achieve your goal.

There is sample from Glide for SVG.Sample Example

Setup RequestBuilder

requestBuilder = Glide.with(mActivity)
    .using(Glide.buildStreamModelLoader(Uri.class, mActivity), InputStream.class)
    .transcode(new SvgDrawableTranscoder(), PictureDrawable.class)
    .sourceEncoder(new StreamEncoder())
    .cacheDecoder(new FileToStreamDecoder<SVG>(new SvgDecoder()))
    .decoder(new SvgDecoder())
    .listener(new SvgSoftwareLayerSetter<Uri>());

Use RequestBuilder with uri

Uri uri = Uri.parse("");
    // SVG cannot be serialized so it's not worth to cache it

This way you can achieve your goal. I hope this is helpful.


I added a flexible decoding pipeline to decode an image or SVG, maybe can help! based on glide SVG example


class SvgOrImageDecoder : ResourceDecoder<InputStream, SvgOrImageDecodedResource> {

override fun handles(source: InputStream, options: Options): Boolean {
    return true

override fun decode(
    source: InputStream, width: Int, height: Int,
    options: Options
): Resource<SvgOrImageDecodedResource>? {
    val array = source.readBytes()
    val svgInputStream = ByteArrayInputStream(array.clone())
    val pngInputStream = ByteArrayInputStream(array.clone())

    return try {
        val svg = SVG.getFromInputStream(svgInputStream)

        try {
        } catch (e: IOException) {}

    } catch (ex: SVGParseException) {
        try {
            val bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeStream(pngInputStream)
            SimpleResource(SvgOrImageDecodedResource(bitmap = bitmap))
        } catch (exception: Exception){
            try {
            } catch (e: IOException) {}
            throw IOException("Cannot load SVG or Image from stream", ex)


class SvgOrImageDrawableTranscoder : ResourceTranscoder<SvgOrImageDecodedResource, PictureDrawable> {
override fun transcode(
    toTranscode: Resource<SvgOrImageDecodedResource>,
    options: Options
): Resource<PictureDrawable>? {
    val data = toTranscode.get()

    if (data.svg != null) {
        val picture = data.svg.renderToPicture()
        val drawable = PictureDrawable(picture)
        return SimpleResource(drawable)
    } else if (data.bitmap != null)
        return SimpleResource(PictureDrawable(renderToPicture(data.bitmap)))
    else return null

private fun renderToPicture(bitmap: Bitmap): Picture{
    val picture = Picture()
    val canvas = picture.beginRecording(bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, null, RectF(0f, 0f, bitmap.width.toFloat(), bitmap.height.toFloat()), null)

    return picture

Decoded Resource

data class SvgOrImageDecodedResource(
val svg:SVG? = null,
val bitmap: Bitmap? = null)

Glide Module

class AppGlideModule : AppGlideModule() {
override fun registerComponents(
    context: Context, glide: Glide, registry: Registry
) {
    registry.register(,, SvgOrImageDrawableTranscoder())
        .append(,, SvgOrImageDecoder())

// Disable manifest parsing to avoid adding similar modules twice.
override fun isManifestParsingEnabled(): Boolean {
    return false



For others who reach this thread because they’re looking for a way to load SVG’s in Xamarin Android, the accepted answer won’t work because a lot of those classes / methods don’t seem to be available in the Xamarin Glide nuget package. Here is what worked for me:

public static void SetSvgFromBytes (this ImageView imageView, byte[] bytes, int width, int height) {
            // Load the SVG from the bytes.
            var stream = new MemoryStream (bytes);
            var svg = SVG.GetFromInputStream (stream);
            // Create a Bitmap to render our SVG to.
            var bitmap = Bitmap.CreateBitmap (width, height, Bitmap.Config.Argb8888);
            // Create a Canvas to use for rendering.
            var canvas = new Canvas (bitmap);
            canvas.DrawRGB (255, 255, 255);
            // Now render the SVG to the Canvas.
            svg.RenderToCanvas (canvas);
            // Finally, populate the imageview from the Bitmap.
            imageView.SetImageBitmap (bitmap);

It requires the AndroidSVG.Xamarin nuget package.

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