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I have a string value, I also have an array of strings and an enum containing the range also.
To get the index of the string in the array, from the value supplied I write this:


How do I do this for an enum? Can I use ordinal? Or do i have to make my own method?

The method might go like:

public enum Fruit {
   static public boolean isMember(String aName) {
       Fruit[] aFruits = Fruit.values();
       for (Fruit aFruit : aFruits)
           if (aFruit.fruitname.equals(aName))
               return aFruit;
       return false;
How to solve:

Not sure if I understand you correctly but based on question title you may be looking for

  1. YourEnum.valueOf("VALUE") returns enum value with name "VALUE"
  2. each enum value knows its position (indexed from zero) which we can get by calling ordinal() method on it.


I might not understand you question, but the same code works for enums too:

int index = Arrays.asList(YourEnum.values()).indexOf(YourEnum.ENUM_ITEM);

Or you can get:

int index = YourEnum.valueOf("ENUM_ITEM").ordinal();


Try this simple solution:



If you want to retrieve the index, you can use ordinal. If you want to assign some specific value to String, you may define your own method to retrieve it.

 enum DAY
  int value;
  DAY(int x)
   this.value = x;
  public int getValue()
    return value;

Now value and ordinal can be retrieved as :

    for(DAY s : DAY.values() )


The following logic will also work.

If you want to check and you know the fruitname already don’t use for loop go with the approach mentioned by Pshemo

for (Fruit aFruit : aFruits)
           if (
               return aFruit.ordinal();

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