java – Get language name in that language from language code-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have a list of language codes (as in “en”, “es”…) I need to display in those language like this:


Is there any built-in API to get these in Android or should I map them myself?

How to solve:

The Locale class have a method for this: public String getDisplayLanguage(Locale locale), as the documentation says:

Returns the name of this locale’s language, localized to locale. The exact output form depends on whether this locale corresponds to a specific language, script, country and variant.

So you can get language names for locales like this:

String lng = "en";
Locale loc = new Locale(lng);
String name = loc.getDisplayLanguage(loc); // English

lng = "es";
loc = new Locale(lng);
name = loc.getDisplayLanguage(loc); // español


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