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Sorry in case it’s not the right question to ask here, as it seems more technical and I’m completely new in this(Making apps for android)

I was wondering where should I start to learn, in order to make app that :
1: Shows map in certain country/region, that automatically shows the area you are in (Unless you are outside of this country then it shows that certain country selected by me)
2: I and users of the app, can create pin points, but only i can approve those pin points to show officially for the users on the map.
3: If the user clicks on the pinpoint it will display some information/detail with picture
4: Users are able to submit a photo to the pin points, and again only i can approve it for the photo to show up to all users of the app.

The app seems to not be so complicated, but i have no idea how to start and for someone without knowledge about coding this seems really complicated however i think if someone knows how to code it shouldnt take more than few days to make this app, but i might be wrong, not sure.

I asked few people online how much it will cost and they gave me prices of $800+ which seems a bit too high for me so i decided to do it my self, since i will be adding new features with time so the programming knowledge will be useful.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this.

Thank you so much !

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