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I have been on a rough ride trying to do something using the Speech recognition on an android emulator.

Having finally installed the market place and the Google Voice Search app – I am so close to enabling my emulator to do what I want – recognize my speech. First I need to enable the emulator to record audio , or at least think that a microphone is present.

I believe adb used to have the -mic option – however I dont think it exists anymore.

Has anyone done this or can anyone shed some light on it.

How to solve:

have you seen this tutorial? see the comment:

You guys are not able to record sound
in emulator because the android
emulator doesn’t support it yet. This
code should only work on the phone.


hi try by enabling the audio recording support while creating the virtual device in emulator… While creating device go to hardware part and select new button. A dialog will appear in which select the property combo and select “Audio Recording Support” and give k and apply…

Hope it helps…
Let me know the output of it…


What version of Android is your Emulator running? I’ve had similar issues with audio in general when I try to run an Emulator with Android 2.2, which had no sound at all on Windows 7 32-bit. Still haven’t been able to fix it, but when I swapped to an Android 2.3 emulator, the sound automatically worked. Maybe you could try this…

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