java – Iterate through nested hashmap-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

How would I go about iterating through a nested HashMap?

The HashMap is setup like this:

HashMap<String, HashMap<String, Student>>

Where Student is an object containing a variable name. If for instance my HashMap looked like this (the following is not my code, it’s just to simulate what the contents of the hashmap could be)

 hm => HashMap<'S', Hashmap<'Sam', SamStudent>>
       HashMap<'S', Hashmap<'Seb', SebStudent>>
       HashMap<'T', Hashmap<'Thomas', ThomasStudent>>

How could I iterate through all of the single letter keys, then each full name key, then pull out the name of the student?

How to solve:
for (Map.Entry<String, HashMap<String, Student>> letterEntry : students.entrySet()) {
    String letter = letterEntry.getKey();
    // ...
    for (Map.Entry<String, Student> nameEntry : letterEntry.getValue().entrySet()) {
        String name = nameEntry.getKey();
        Student student = nameEntry.getValue();
        // ...


Java 8 lambdas and Map.forEach make bkail’s answer more concise:

outerMap.forEach((letter, nestedMap) -> {
    nestedMap.forEach((name, student) -> {

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