Java Memory explained (SUN JVM)-ThrowExceptions

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I tried to find an interpretation of the memory segments of the sun java vm, which would also be understandable by an administrator. It should explain what heap / non-heap memory is and the significance of the different memory pools.

If it would somehow relate to the jconsole view, it would be a bonus.

Is there somewhere a website with such an explanation?

How to solve:

Here’s a list of resources I had noted down. Some of these explain how the heap/garbage collection works and some have details on how to configure everything.





This article from Sun on Tuning Garbage Collection with the 5.0 Java Virtual Machine should have pretty good definitions and explanations of everything you are looking for; I don’t believe a ton has changed on this subject between 5.0 and 6.0

There is also this whitepaper on Memory Management in the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine.

More Sun documentation, technical articles, and whitepapers.


A fairly recent one:


Also, please see these JavaOne sessions for JVM GC. (including video playback)


Oracle changed JavaOne contents as paid one. Please see this article for G1 garbage collector instead.


I find that Sun’s Memory Management Whitepaper offers a good overview.

The final section offers useful links to delve deeper into areas of particular interest.

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