java – Save and pass data from activity to another activity-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

is there any other way to keep data and use it for other activities

for example, an user enters his entry time (by clicking on a button1 which directs to activity1)(home), but this time is not displayed first on this activity1, but arriving on activity1 there is another button2 which directs to an activity2 (history) including the user’s history where the time he entered is located. and speaking of history the time of the user he entered changes daily

I have also used :

  • sharedpreference but the problem (if the user entered 9:05 am on Monday, sharedpreference stores in the history ___ if the next day it enters 8:35 am, the history of Monday also changes to 8:35 am as well as the previous hours of history

  • intent but the problem is that we must always add an action

I hope you understand this explanation, thank you !!!

How to solve:

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