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Exception or error:

is it somehow possible to show all broadcast events/intents that are triggered in android? I just want to know if I can quickly figure out if an application is using intents/broadcasts I can hook into. For most of the stock android applications I can read the source but is time consuming.

How to solve:

List all historical broadcasts and registered broadcast receivers with the following terminal command:

dumpsys activity broadcasts


Please check this open source project to see all broadcasts on your android phone:Broadcasts Monitor Pro


There’s logcat, which you can get to from the ddms (either the dedicated app, or the eclipse view), it should list all broadcasts, as well as the properties that are associated with the intent. However, as the other commenters on your post have stated, you really shouldn’t be doing that unless the intent has been published. It may change, or cause other forms of havoc. Although I disagree with the statement, some people may even go so far as to say that it’s illegal if the licenses aren’t compatible. (Although I’m of the party that it’s not, seeing as you’re not statically linking to the code, nor even putting it in your package).


The best tool I found was Intent Intercept that catches the intent on the fly and allow you to inspect the content

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