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I’m interested in learning Java with the ultimate goal of making mobile Android apps as an Indie developer.

I’m currently employed at an IT job but not working on any development assignment, simple customer care through tickets.

My job gives me free access to an online Java basic and Java advanced course, which go through the fundamentals of Java ( primitive types, if statements, for/while/dowhile cycles, classes, object oriented programming, arrays, strings, can’t name anything else since i’ve not gone further. )

I’m following the course and learning a lot, however I would like to start making projects on my own while I do the course.

I’m troubled as what way to follow between these two:

1)Start with really simple programs, using things that I already know in order to fixate them in my mind

2)Try to make a decent program with lots of different functions, learning along the way through google searches and java documentation how to solve stuff that I’ve not learned how to do ( example: i know nothing about exceptions, the concept of classes and objects and methods is still not very clear to me, I’m having problems to use classes and methods from imported libraries, etc. )

Which would be the best method to learn Java in your opinion from these two? Do you know any other methods that could be more effective?

Thank you.

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