javascript – Angular 2: How do you render HTML from a JSON response without displaying the tags to the user?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Edit: a clarification for anyone who only skimmed the title, my question is about Angular 2, not 1.

I have a component template that is something like this:

<div>{{ post.body }}</div>

The object is something like:

    "title": "Some Title",
    "body": "<p>The <em>post body</em>.</p>"

Instead of rendering the paragraph like:

The post body

it displays:

"<p>The <em>post body</em>.</p>"

Since it’s such a common task, I looked for a built-in pipe like {{ post.body | safe }} but didn’t see one.

Is there is an easy way to get that working? Is there a safe way to get that working?

How to solve:

In Angular2 you can use property binding to access properties of DOM elements, in your case:

<div [innerHTML]="post.body"></div>

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