javascript – APK and Expo Client android app are different-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am building a cross-platform app with expo SDK36. I am testing with the expo client on android and ios.

It seems that the built expo apk downloaded on expo is different than the android version tested from my android expo client.

I can’t scroll on my views with the app APK, hopefully, I saw it.

  • Is this an expo bug and is this expected? I was expecting to have the same app on both expo and real app.
  • I must rebuild until I find the bug, the APK and expo pipelines are quite busy, how can I troubleshoot efficiently without ejecting?
How to solve:

it is running cache. run this command. It will clear the cache.

npm start --cache-clear 


Maybe your expo project on the cloud didn’t update. Try

expo publish

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