javascript – Binding ng-model inside ng-repeat loop in AngularJS-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m trying to deal with the issue of scope inside of an ng-repeat loop – I’ve browsed quite a few questions but have not quite been able to get my code to work.

Controller code:

function Ctrl($scope) {
  $scope.lines = [{text: 'res1'}, {text:'res2'}];


<div ng-app>
     <div ng-controller="Ctrl">
       <div ng-repeat="line in lines">
           <div class="preview">{{text}}{{$index}}</div>

       <div ng-repeat="line in lines">
           <-- typing here should auto update it's preview above -->
           <input value="{{line.text}}" ng-model="text{{$index}}"/>
            <!-- many other fields here that will also affect the preview -->

Here’s a fiddle:

Basically I have an object (it’s a flyer generator) which contains multiple lines of text. Each line of text can be tweaked by the user (text, font, size, color, etc) and I want to create a preview for it. The example above only shows the input field to enter text and I would like that to automatically/as-you-type update the preview div but there will be many more controls.

I am also not sure I got the code right for the looping index – is that the best way to create a ng-model name inside the loop?

How to solve:

For each iteration of the ng-repeat loop, line is a reference to an object in your array. Therefore, to preview the value, use {{line.text}}.

Similarly, to databind to the text, databind to the same: ng-model="line.text". You don’t need to use value when using ng-model (actually you shouldn’t).


For a more in-depth look at scopes and ng-repeat, see What are the nuances of scope prototypal / prototypical inheritance in AngularJS?, section ng-repeat.


<h4>Order List</h4>
    <li ng-repeat="val in filter_option.order">
            <input title="{{filter_option.order_name[$index]}}" type="radio" ng-model="filter_param.order_option" ng-value="'{{val}}'" />
        <select title="" ng-model="filter_param[val]">
            <option value="asc">Asc</option>
            <option value="desc">Desc</option>

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