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Exception or error:

I have the following JavaScript object:

var obj = {
    "key1" : val,
    "key2" : val,
    "key3" : val

Is there a way to check if a key exists in the array, similar to this?

testArray = jQuery.inArray("key1", obj);

does not work.

Do I have to iterate through the obj like this?

jQuery.each(obj, function(key,val)){}
How to solve:

Use the in operator:

testArray = 'key1' in obj;

Sidenote: What you got there, is actually no jQuery object, but just a plain JavaScript Object.


That’s not a jQuery object, it’s just an object.

You can use the hasOwnProperty method to check for a key:

if (obj.hasOwnProperty("key1")) {


var obj = {
    "key1" : "k1",
    "key2" : "k2",
    "key3" : "k3"

if ("key1" in obj)
    console.log("has key1 in obj");


To access a child key of another key

var obj = {
    "key1": "k1",
    "key2": "k2",
    "key3": "k3",
    "key4": {
        "keyF": "kf"

if ("keyF" in obj.key4)
    console.log("has keyF in obj");


Above answers are good. But this is good too and useful.

!obj['your_key']  // if 'your_key' not in obj the result --> true

It’s good for short style of code special in if statements:

if (!obj['your_key']){
    // if 'your_key' not exist in obj
    console.log('key not in obj');
} else {
    // if 'your_key' exist in obj
    console.log('key exist in obj');

Note: If your key be equal to null or “” your “if” statement will be wrong.

obj = {'a': '', 'b': null, 'd': 'value'}
!obj['a']    // result ---> true
!obj['b']    // result ---> true
!obj['c']    // result ---> true
!obj['d']    // result ---> false

So, best way for checking if a key exists in a obj is:'a' in obj


map.has(key) is the latest ECMAScript 2015
way of checking the existance of a key in a map. Refer to this for complete details.


the simplest way is

const obj = {
  a: 'value of a',
  b: 'value of b',
  c: 'value of c'

  console.log('obj.a does not exist');


You can try this:

const data = {
  name : "Test",
  value: 12

if("name" in data){
else {
  //Not found

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