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Im learning JavaScript and Im having problems trying to get the value of HTML of textareaElement. Theres lots online and because of all the information available its making it more confusing. I understand the idea behind the DOM, but not sure how to do the code. I am also trying to use add an event listener to store data in local storage, but without any luck.

// Add a text entry to the page
function addTextEntry(key, text, isNewEntry) {
  // Create a textarea element to edit the entry
  var textareaElement = document.createElement("TEXTAREA");
  textareaElement.rows = 5;
  textareaElement.placeholder = "(new entry)";

  // Set the textarea's value to the given text (if any)
  textareaElement.value = text;

  // Add a section to the page containing the textarea
  addSection(key, textareaElement);

  // If this is a new entry (added by the user clicking a button)
  // move the focus to the textarea to encourage typing
  if (isNewEntry) {

// Get HTML input values
var data = textareaElement.value;


// ...get the textarea element's current value
  var data = textareaElement.value;

  // ...make a text item using the value
  var item = makeItem("text", data);
  // the item in local storage using key
  localStorage.setItem(key, item);
  // Connect the event listener to the textarea element:
  textareaElement.addEventListener('onblur', addTextEntry);


HTML is:

<section id="text" class="button">
    <button type="button">Add entry</button>
<section id="image" class="button">
    <button type="button">Add photo</button>
    <input type="file" accept="image/*" />


How to solve:

‘textareaElements’ is not plural as you have it here:

var data = textareaElements.value;

This is the correct form:

var data = textareaElement.value;

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