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Exception or error:

I am creating a Webtop (Web Desktop) and I have the main part of it started. I would like a google docs ‘app’. I have made an iframe with the google docs website in, but when I open the webtop the iframe presents the error refused to connect’ on Google Chrome (see screenshots at the bottom of the post for more detail). Google has disabled iframe embedding for the page (as confirmed when I looked using Microsoft Edge).

I want to know: Is there a workaround or some other web app that can access and edit documents stored on Google Drive?

Here’s my code:

<div class="webtoppro-window" id="gdocs-window">
<div class="webtoppro-window-h" id="gdocs-window-head">
  <span class="wtp-title-text">Google Docs</span>
  <a class="wtp-close-button" href="#" id="gdocs-window-close">X</a>
<div class="webtoppro-window-c" id="gdocs-window-body">
  <iframe src="//" class="webtoppro-iframe"></iframe>

Error in chrome

Google Chrome

Error in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Edit: added link to what a webtop is

How to solve:

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