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Exception or error:

What I want is to move all the div’s with class “goccia” move from top to bottom together using the setInterval() function.

I can’t understand why it is moving only the first element (.goccia)

Here is my JavaScript code.

var campo = document.querySelector('#campo');
var marginTop = 0;

function creaGocce(){
    var numeroGocce = document.querySelector('input').value;
    for (var i = 0; i < numeroGocce; i++) {
       campo.innerHTML += ' <div class = "divGoccia"> <div class = "goccia"> 
    </div> </div>';
function scompari(){
    document.querySelector('.contenitore').style.display = 'none';
function spostaGocce(){
    var goccia = document.querySelector('.goccia'); = marginTop + "px";
    marginTop += 10;
function muoviti(){
    setInterval(spostaGocce, 1000);
document.querySelector('button').addEventListener('click', muoviti);
How to solve:

I suppose you are trying to send down each of your created divs to the bottom.

You should use the css attribute “position: absolute” and “top: 0px” and apply it to campo (the container of the divs) or create a new container. It will be easier.

I would recommend you to check this W3Schools article and try each parameter to know it.

Keep coding!

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