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Exception or error:

I have a div whose initial width and height are set by the user. When a user zooms in the browser(ctrl+ or ctrl-) the initial width and height of that div changes, say a user zooms in 175%, the aspect ratio of that div stays the same because the width and height is adjusted. Is there a way to replicate this by dynamically setting transform: scale(x,y). I have tried several thing but can’t seem to find a solid solution.

How to solve:

Solution seems pretty strain-forward. Store scale somewhere, then increase/decrease it on button’s click:

(function () {
  function zoom(element, scale) { = = 'scale(' + scale + ')';
    return scale;

  var zoomable = document.querySelector('.zoomable');
  var scale = 1;

    .addEventListener('click', function () {
      scale = zoom(zoomable, scale * 2);

    .addEventListener('click', function () {
      scale = zoom(zoomable, scale * 0.5);


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