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Exception or error:

I am developing a web application with a heavy front-end approach. By using Dojo and the AMD-way, I currently have testing screens which may easily load over a hundred different javascript files.

When I want to debug for any specific problem, or verify if I am seeing an old version of a specific file, I find it really hard to find my files in the Sources tab in the Chrome Developer Tools.

Is there any shortcut or action I can make that will let me type the name of a file and will take me to the source of that file?

How to solve:

While in the sources tab use CTRL+O (+O for Mac) to search scripts, stylesheets and snippets by filename.

(use CTRL+SHIFT+O to filter/navigate to a JavaScript function/CSS rule when viewing a file)

[Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet]


CTRL + P brings up the search input in Windows.

enter image description here

+ P — in Mac.

enter image description here


In Windows:

Use CTRL+SHIFT+F to search for content in files.

Use CTRL+SHIFT+O to search for file names.


Mac: Command + O
Windows: Ctrl + O

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