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When I push cmd + alt + l Webstorm doing some reformating to beautify my JavaScript sources. Ho to make Webstorm automatically change double quotes to single quotes in my sources?

How to solve:

In Webstorm 2017.1, do the following:

  1. Go to File -> Settings | Preferences
  2. Choose Editor -> Code Style -> TypeScript
  3. Select ‘Punctuation’ tab
  4. Change: Use 'double' quotes to Use 'single' quotes. (Additionally, you can change 'in new code' to 'always')

Webstorm auto-import change to use double quotes instead of single quotes


there is no way to change this on auto-formatting in WebStorm 11; you can only use intentions here (hit Alt+Enter on quoted string, choose ‘Replace double-quoted string with single-quoted string’.
Note that in WebStorm 12 -2016.x it’s possible to control the auto-generated quotes style (used for auto-imports, etc.) – Settings | Editor | Code Style | JavaScript | Other, Generated code/Quote marks.

Since 2017.1.*, it is Settings | Editor | Code Style | JavaScript | Punctuation, Use <quote style> quotes in <new code/always>


This looks to be fixed with the 2016.2 release – there’s now an option in the Editor –> Code Style settings where you can choose single/double quotes.



Please see the answer of

this answer is for an older version。

see the picture that let you set it quickly.

webstorm 2016.3.3

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