javascript – How to remove an id attribute from a div using jQuery?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to remove the id attribute from this image:

<img width="270" class="thumb" id="thumb" height="270" src="img/1_1.jpg" />

I tried doing this:


But it is not removing the ID!


$('img#thumb').attr('src', response);
$('img#thumb').attr('id', 'nonthumb');

This deosnt load the picture, or in this case the src! But when I remove the id attribute, it works fine

How to solve:

The capitalization is wrong, and you have an extra argument.

Do this instead:


For future reference, there aren’t any jQuery methods that begin with a capital letter. They all take the same form as this one, starting with a lower case, and the first letter of each joined “word” is upper case.


I’m not sure what jQuery api you’re looking at, but you should only have to specify id.


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