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Exception or error:

I need to get all the cookies stored in my browser using JavaScript. How can it be done?

How to solve:

You can only access cookies for a specific site. Using document.cookie you will get a list of escaped key=value pairs seperated by a semicolon.


To simplify the access, you have to parse the string and unescape all entries:

var getCookies = function(){
  var pairs = document.cookie.split(";");
  var cookies = {};
  for (var i=0; i<pairs.length; i++){
    var pair = pairs[i].split("=");
    cookies[(pair[0]+'').trim()] = unescape(pair.slice(1).join('='));
  return cookies;

So you might later write:

var myCookies = getCookies();
alert(myCookies.secret); // "do not tell you"


  1. You can’t see cookies for other sites.
  2. You can’t see HttpOnly cookies.
  3. All the cookies you can see are in the document.cookie property, which contains a semicolon separated list of name=value pairs.


You cannot. By design, for security purpose, you can access only the cookies set by your site. StackOverflow can’t see the cookies set by UserVoice nor those set by Amazon.


To retrieve all cookies for the current document open in the browser, you again use the document.cookie property.


Modern approach.

let c = document.cookie.split(";").reduce( (ac, cv, i) => Object.assign(ac, {[cv.split('=')[0]]: cv.split('=')[1]}), {});




Since the title didn’t specify that it has to be programmatic I’ll assume that it was a genuine debugging/privacy management issue and solution is browser dependent and requires a browser with built in detailed cookie management toll and/or a debugging module or a plug-in/extension. I’m going to list one and ask other people to write up on browsers they know in detail and please be precise with versions.

Chromium, Iron build (SRWare Iron 4.0.280)

The wrench(tool) menu: Options / Under The Hood / [Show cookies and website permissions]
For related domains/sites type the suffix into the search box (like Caveat: when you have a node (site or cookie) click-highlighted only use [Remove] to kill specific subtrees. Using [Remove All] will still delete cookies for all sites selected by search and waste your debugging session.


Added trim() to the key in object, and name it str, so it would be more clear that we are dealing with string here.

export const getAllCookies = () => document.cookie.split(';').reduce((ac, str) => Object.assign(ac, {[str.split('=')[0].trim()]: str.split('=')[1]}), {});


If you develop browser extensions you can try browser.cookies.getAll()

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