javascript – Integrating Symfony/PHP applcation with real time chat-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am developing a Symfony web application that needs to have real time chat functionality in it.

I have been considering the following solution:

Using nodejs with running aside a PHP server.

I am not experienced in the server field but I don’t think running two servers (PHP – apache/nginix + nodejs) is a good idea. I mean is it reliable for a scalable web application?

So what do you think? Is there another option?

How to solve:

You can setup nodejs to run with nginx. tutorial. I have built with socketio and nodejs. It was scaleable but maintenance was an issue for me and I did not want to spend much time on maintaining chat vs building the core application and launching it.So for production I am using and besides the price con, its pretty good. Its taking a pretty good load

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