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The title is a bit confusing but here’s what I want to do -> There’s a picture. When you click on it, a lightbox pops up (I already have that event). However, if you right click it and open in a new tab, I want a page to appear. Instagram has something similar to what I’m looking for. <a href=""> doesn’t work – it executes both (launches the lightbox and redirects). How do I do that? Is there a way to cancel the href? Thanks.

EDIT: Here’s a visual: In that case, I only want the alert() to be invoked when I click on it, but when I open it in a new tab, I want it to navigate to

How to solve:

Using event.preventDefault() (doc) in the event handler for triggering your lightbox will prevent the link from executing and changing your window location. Right-click context actions should still work, though, because they don’t trigger click events.

$( '#my-link' ).on( 'click', function( event ) {


    // do my lightbox stuff here



Yes, set href="..." to href="#".

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