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I thought this might be a fast way to remove the contents of a very large table (3000 rows):

$jq("tbody", myTable).remove();

But it’s taking around five seconds to complete in firefox. Am I doing something dumb (aside from trying to load 3000 rows in to a browser)? Is there faster way to do it?

How to solve:

That’s as fast as you get.


It’s better to avoid any kind of loops, just remove all elements directly like this:

$("#mytable > tbody").html("");


Using detach is magnitudes faster than any of the other answers here:


Don’t forget to put the tbody element back into the table since detach removed it:


Also note that when talking efficiency $(target).find(child) syntax is faster than $(target > child). Why? Sizzle!

Elapsed Time to Empty 3,161 Table Rows

Using the Detach() method (as shown in my example above):

  • Firefox: 0.027s
  • Chrome: 0.027s
  • Edge: 1.73s
  • IE11: 4.02s

Using the empty() method:

  • Firefox: 0.055s
  • Chrome: 0.052s
  • Edge: 137.99s (might as well be frozen)
  • IE11: Freezes and never returns


Two issues I can see here:

  1. The empty() and remove() methods of jQuery actually do quite a bit of work. See John Resig’s JavaScript Function Call Profiling for why.

  2. The other thing is that for large amounts of tabular data you might consider a datagrid library such as the excellent DataTables to load your data on the fly from the server, increasing the number of network calls, but decreasing the size of those calls. I had a very complicated table with 1500 rows that got quite slow, changing to the new AJAX based table made this same data seem rather fast.


$("#myTable > tbody").empty();

It won’t touch the headers.


if you want to remove only fast.. you can do like below..

$( "#tableId tbody tr" ).each( function(){
  this.parentNode.removeChild( this ); 

but, there can be some event-binded elements in table,

in that case,

above code is not prevent memory leak in IE… T-T and
not fast in FF…



this works for me :

1- add class for each row “removeRow”

2- in the jQuery



You could try this…

var myTable= document.getElementById("myTable");
if(myTable== null)
var oTBody = myTable.getElementsByTagName("TBODY")[0];
if(oTBody== null)
    oTBody.innerHTML = "";
    for(var i=0, j=myTable.rows.length; i<j; i++)

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