javascript – jQuery slideUp().remove() doesn't seem to show the slideUp animation before remove occurs-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have this line of JavaScript and the behavior I am seeing is that the selectedLi instantly disappears without “sliding up”. This is not the behavior that I expected.

What should I be doing so that the selectedLi slides up before it is removed?

How to solve:

Might be able to fix it by putting the call to remove in a callback arg to slideUp?


selectedLi.slideUp("normal", function() { $(this).remove(); } );


You need to be more explicit: rather than saying “this” (which I agree should work), you should do this:

$("#yourdiv").slideUp(1000, function() {


The simplest way is calling the “remove()” function inside slideUp as a parameter like others have said, as this example:

$("#yourdiv").slideUp("normal", function() {

It is a must to call it inside the anonymous function() to prevent remove() to be executed before the slideUp has ended. Another equal way is to use the jQuery function “promise()”. Better for those who like self-explanatory code, like me 😉

$("#yourdiv").slideUp("normal").promise().done(function() {


Using promises you can also wait for multiple animations to get finished, e.g.:

selectedLi.slideUp({duration: 5000, queue: false})
.fadeOut({duration: 3000, queue: false})
.promise().done(function() {


selectedLi.slideUp(200, this.remove);

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