javascript – Prevent Browsers not to remember password-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

We have an application with a login screen which has input field text and password. What I am trying to achive here is;

  1. Prevent browsers to ask if, user wants it to be memorized by
  2. Prevent all browsers not to memorize that field at any situation. Even
    if you said “yes”, I want all the browsers ignore that field

The things I tried;

  1. I tried to use autocomplete="off" on both form and inputs but with
    the new Firefox version, it doesn’t seem to work.
  2. I inserted an non-displayed input password field to trick the
    browser. But it is bad for accessibility. It also lowers the
    usability score.
  3. I tried to make autocomplete="new-password" but internet explorer
    completely ignores it.. (like I am surprised)

So if anyone achieved a good result with any other solutions, and if it could be shared, it would be a great contribution to developer community.

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How to solve:

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