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Using Facebook React.
In a settings page, I have a multiline textarea where a user can enter multiline text (in my case, an address).

<textarea value={address} />

When I try to display the address, so something like {address}, it doesn’t show the line breaks and is all on one line.


Any ideas how to solve this?

How to solve:

There’s no reason to use JS. You can easily tell the browser how to handle newline using the white-space CSS property:

white-space: pre-line;


Sequences of whitespace are collapsed. Lines are broken at
newline characters, at <br>, and as necessary to fill line boxes.

Check out this demo:

  #p_wrap {
    white-space: pre-line;

<textarea id="textarea"></textarea>
<p id="p_standard"></p>
<p id="p_wrap"></p>
  textarea.addEventListener('keypress', function(e) {
    p_standard.textContent =
    p_wrap.textContent =

browser support for pre-line


This is to be expected, you would need to convert the new line (\n) characters to HTML line breaks

An article about using it in react: React Newline to break (nl2br)

To quote article:

Because you know that everything in React is functions, you can’t really do this

this.state.text.replace(/(?:\r\n|\r|\n)/g, '<br />')

Since that would return a string with DOM nodes inside, that is not allowed either, because has to be only a string.

You then can try do something like this:

{this.props.section.text.split(“\n”).map(function(item) {
  return (

That is not allowed either because again React is pure functions and two functions can be next to each other.

tldr. Solution

{this.props.section.text.split(“\n”).map(function(item) {
  return (

Now we’re wrapping each line-break in a span, and that works fine because span’s has display inline. Now we got a working nl2br line-break solution


The solution is to set the property white-space on the element displaying the content of your textarea:

white-space: pre-line;


Pete’s previous proposal with standalone component is great solution although it misses one important thing. Lists needs keys. I adjusted it a bit and my version (without console warnings) looks like this:

const NewLineToBr = ({ children = '' }) => children.split('\n')
  .reduce((arr, line, index) => arr.concat(
    <Fragment key={index}>
      <br />
  ), [])

It uses React 16’s Fragments


As of React 16 a component can return an array of elements, which means you can create a component like this:

export default function NewLineToBr({children = ""}){
  return children.split('\n').reduce(function (arr,line) {
    return arr.concat(
      <br />

which you’d use like this:



Love webit version. I did not know about the Fragment component, it is so useful. No need to use the reduce method though.
Map is enough. Also, list do need keys in react , but it is bad habit to use index from the iterating method for it. eslint kept on smashing this in my warning until I had the confusion bug.
So it’d look like this :

const NewLine = ({ children }) =>
   children.split("\n").map(line => (
    <Fragment key={uuidv4()}>
      <br />

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